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nsave is a secure and safe way to save in USD, EUR or GBP.
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Living in a distressed economy

We understand the pain of living with high inflation and no protection of hard earned savings.


Your money evaporating with inflation as high as 10-100%. You can't rely on the local currency to protect your savings and grow your wealth.

Account restrictions

Local banks restricting access to your hard earned savings. Your money is locked unjustly and you can't use your money to pay for medical bills, education, or leisure.

Hidden fees

Unreasonable fees and additional surprise costs for every move you make with your account. You have no say over how much you are charged because you have no better option.

Financial exclusion

International banks won't help you protect your savings unless you have millions of dollars. You are being labelled as “High Risk” for foreign institutions reject opening a safe account for you.

Secure way to save

Your global safe account,
wherever you are, whoever you are.

Protected from inflation

Safe and stored in a hard currency. You get to choose between Euro, British Pound, and soon USD, to make sure that your savings are protected from hyper inflation.

Away from local turbulences

Offshore and accessible at all times from your App. We partnered with the best global institutions to make sure that your savings are away from local problems.

Compliant with regulations

Strictly compliant with regulations and protected from illicit activities. We have no tolerance for financial crime and are proud of how we do things.

Extreme transparency

(no hidden fees)

We share our fees transparently and are actively working on reducing out costs and getting you better rates. That is our promise to you.

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Send money to friends and family

Use nsave app to save your income and hard earned savings safely, send and money to your friends and family, receive funds from legitimate sources and have freedom and control over your finances.

Shop online anywhere

Buying a flight ticket or a new pair of shoes, use nsave card for online purchases. You can use your nsave Mastercard to make secure online payments and spend your money the way you want.

Access your money anywhere in the world

Use nsave app to track and monitor your account in realtime. You can also use your nsave Mastercard to withdrawal cash from any ATM that accepts Mastercard cards in the world. We are international.

Join the movement, Join nsave.

Get your safe global account now.

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